Leap Mouse

The application touchless for transform your Leap Motion like a mouse.


The Leap Mouse allow you to control the computer mouse with your Leap Motion. You can make everything like a mouse; move cursor, click and scroll.

Use hands and fingers

The two hands and all ten fingers was detected for a maximum possibilities for actions.

Fast and powerful

High precision with heavy transfert rate for working with informations.

Leap Mouse

For all screens

This is not a Touchscreen, but a mouse, all screen size are compatible.

For the office

Build for office use, can be usefull everyday.

And little more

The application is always updated for be sure to have the best performance and the latest possibilities.

Version 2.0 now available; more faster, more precision and more light of the version 1.x.


Many parameters to help you to adjust the reaction and for choose your language.

A guide

In monitor mode, you can see what Leap Motion capture without make action.


It's free!
Include French and English language.


Not available
  • Looking for tester on MacOS X
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v 2.0.6
  • Windows 7/8/10 (64 bits)
  • Java 1.8 required*


Not available
  • Looking for tester on Linux
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